About Mamma Celeste’s

History Of Mamma Celeste’s Stone Baked Pizzeria

Hello my name is Jim Flanagan. Thank you for choosing Mamma Celeste’s Stone Baked Pizzeria. Our shop is a little Slice of Chicago, and is named in honor of my Grandmother, Celeste Parente. My Uncle Nick owned a famous Pizzeria in the City of Chicago on the South Side. Rosangela’s Pizzeria has been in the same location on 95th Avenue and California for over 50 years. I wanted to bring some of my family’s home cooking to the golden state of California. Rosangela's Famous “Cracker Crust”, Signature Pizza Red Sauce, and my grandmother Celeste's Meatballs has been bringing love to one tummy at a time for half a century. I look forward to you enjoying our handmade Corn Meal "Cracker Crust" Pizza's, Huge Calzones, and Perfect Italian Beefs. Please Enjoy, love the Italian way! Through your Belly!

Mamma’s Stone Baked Pizza Process

Mamma's Pizza is Baked on Stone Only! Humans have been cooking on stone for 2000 years, why change what works? Instead of serving chewy, overly breaded pizza, our family recipe calls for pizza to be thin, crispy, and just as good from the fridge the next morning. No blended cheeses, no sugar in our red sauce, just the best ingredients to make the best pizza pies. Our pizza's are made in the tradition Italian “Cracker Crust” method. Each pizza is handmade using cornmeal to dust the bottom of our pies, we never let a pizza cook on a metal pan, and it makes all the difference in making a "Cracker Crust". That’s why we make our dough daily, use the best tomatoes, sausage with lots of fennel, and only 100% whole milk mozzarella cheese to complete that perfect pizza pie. Once the pizza comes out, we brush the crust with a garlic infused olive oil to give it a stand alone taste. Combine all of that with our "Stone Baked" process and you have a amazing pizza!

Auntie Joni’s Calzone’s – The Perfect Pizza Hot Pocket

Using the same pizza dough we make our pies with, this calzone is a huge hot pocket of our fresh pizza sauce encased in a golden crust. Stuffed with fresh mozzarella cheese and melted to perfection the dough comes out crispy on the outside, but chewy on the inside. Then this perfect hot pocket is finished with a basting of garlic infused olive oil, a sprinkle of herbs, and dusted with Parmesan cheese melted to the crust. Add any additional toppings and enjoy hot or cold. Our Calzones can stay in the fridge for days and still be as fresh as the day you purchased it. Build your own or try a Signature Pizza converted to a Calzone!